Update: Summer building repairs

Update: Summer building repairs
Posted on 08/06/2018
Construction Updates

Starting on Monday, August 6 Harry C. Sharp Elementary School will begin repairs to the floors of four classrooms in the building.

Because the work will include the removal of tiles containing asbestos, there will be signs around the school warning staff and visitors that an asbestos abatement project is underway. Asbestos abatement is a safe and normal process in any building over 50 years old. The Sharp School building is safe for assigned staff to occupy during these repairs.

Many buildings constructed before 1970 contain panels or tiling made with asbestos. These materials are not harmful unless they are broken or chipping. Camden City School District works with a Licensed Asbestos Building Inspector who regularly conducts visual inspections of all areas that contain Asbestos Building Materials.  The repairs at Sharp were identified as part of this inspection. In addition, the District runs air quality testing every two years to ensure building safety. The last air quality test was completed in October 2017.

The repairs to Sharp will be completed before the first day of school, and will not interrupt staff’s return to the building later this month.

If you have questions, please contact the Family Solution Center at 856-966-2507.